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High quality Plant growth reguator 98% Cytokinin Kinetin

The pure product is white flake crystal, which is obtained from ethanol and has a melting point of 266 ~ 269 ℃, which is an amphoteric compound.
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Physical and chemical properties
1. The pure product is white flake crystal, which is obtained from ethanol and has a melting point of 266 ~ 269 ℃, which is an amphoteric compound. 

2. Insoluble in water, soluble in strong acid, strong base and glacial acetic acid, slightly soluble in cold water, methanol and ethanol. 
3. It is dissolved in a small amount of concentrated hydrochloric acid or ethanol, and then the hydrochloric acid (or ethanol) solution is diluted to a certain amount of water.

Toxicity: 99% furfurylaminopurine, low toxicity, registration certificate number PD20170011; 0.4% furfuryl aminopurine aqueous solution, low toxicity, registration certificate number is PD20170016.
A kind of cytokinin plant growth regulator, 
Promote cell division and tissue differentiation, 
Delay the degradation of protein and chlorophyll, 
Keep fresh and prevent aging, 
Delay the formation of separation layer and 
Increase fruit setting; 
6-furfurylaminopurine kinetin is a kind of purine natural plant endogenous hormone
the first cytokinin discovered by human beings, which can be synthesized artificially.

How to use
Seed soaking: The concentration is generally 0.01 mg/kg, that is, 500g of 1mg/kg sugar aminopurine soluble powder and 50kg of water are used.
Foliar spraying: The liquid medicine with a concentration of 0.02 mg/kg is generally used, that is, 100g of 1mg/kg furfuryl aminopurine soluble powder and 5kg of water are added, stirred evenly and sprayed on the surface of crops.

Mechanism and characteristics
1.Used for fruit trees, vegetables and tissue culture in agriculture, it can promote cell division, differentiation and growth; 
2.Inducing callus to grow buds and releasing apical dominance; 
3.Break dormancy of lateral buds and promote seed germination; 
4.Delaying aging and keeping fresh; 
5.Transport nutrients every week to promote fruiting, etc. 
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