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After years of research and experimentation, PINSOA has developed our own featured products to provide targeted solutions for the growth of different crops.
Pineapple King
Pineapple King
After several years of research and testing, we developed this product, through the advantage of restraining top, making pineapple plant and root tillers size and fruit weight increase, improving pineapple production and sugar-acid ratio, also make taste better
Dosage/acre 0.7-0.8 Water consumption 950-1000
Dosage/acre 1.4-1.6 Water consumption 950-1000
Dosage/acre 2.1-2.4 Water consumption 950-1000
Application period as required
Tuber King
Tuber King
Tuber King is a compound of a variety of plant endogenous hormones. It’s not only can promote plants to increase photosynthetic rate, increase plant carbohydrate, protein, and chlorophyll content, but also promote plant root growth, increase fruit setting, prevent fruit drop, and change female and male flowers.
Peanuts Flowering needling period 40-60ml/30-40L water
Garlic Early expansion of garlic (garlic pigeon egg size) 40-60ml/30-40L water
Onion Incipient expansion of onion 40-60ml/30-40L
Ginger Three-branch stage 40-60ml/30-40L water
contains ACC, 5-amino, JA, zetin, gold and other 5 kinds of synthetic plant internal physiological active substances and essential trace elements of plants
Fruit expansion stage 15-20g/667 ㎡ Drip irrigation
Fruit coloring 15-20% 100-150g/667 ㎡ Drip irrigation
The entire growth period; 3 days before the adverse environment comes 5-10g/667 ㎡ Drip irrigation
10-20g/667 ㎡ Flushing irrigation
Root King contains nutrients needed by plants and can promote rapid plant growth,The ingredients in the root King can use the organic matter in the soil to produce secondary metabolites, enhance plant metabolism and improve photosynthesis, and accelerate plant reproduction.
When transplanting seedlings 8-10g dissolved in 3-6L water
after transplantin 8-10g dissolved in 10-15L water to spray
for For adult trees this product can be used alone or mixed with other fertilizers
Ready-to-use The product can be used at most 2 times per season on rice.
ALLCAN is a pure natural high-tech biological product developed by the Academy of Agricultural Sciences over a period of 15 years. It contains more than 30 plant active substances such as natural plant endogenous hormones, flavonoids and amino acids
Widely used in fields cash crops, fruit trees, vegetables, edible fungi
Brief introduction ALLCAN is a pure natural high-tech biological product
Drought resistance crop application can induce the production of large amounts
Disease resistanc It has a good preventive effect on downy mildew, blight, and viral diseases.
GREEN KING (Photosynthesis accelerator)
This product is rich in various trace elements necessary for chlorophyll and various endogenous substances necessary for the synthesis of chlorophyll. It has a high chelation rate, high water solubility, and is easy to absorb.
Field Crop 1.Promote photosynthesis efficiency; 2.Promote rooting formation; Enhance quality and yield.
Solanaceous Improve appearance of fruit,Reduce malformed fruit.
Root Tuber (Onions, Garlic, Ginger, Potatoes) High expansion rate
Leaf vegetables Fresh and tender crop.Moderate fiber content.
Advantages of using Plant Growth Regulators
A subsidiary company of Pinsoa Chemical, Aowei Agricultural Technology Co., Ltd, has been established in the year of 2017, which mainly engaging in high quality plant growth regulators, including Brassinolide, IBA , 6-BA(Cytokinin ), Atonik and others, Aowei Agricutural company is located in the production base of plant growth regulators in China , specializing in offering all kinds of plant protection products.
Reduce costs and increase production
Non-polluting, healthy and green
Professional Production Management
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