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Application of plant growth regulators in crops

Date: 2024-05-10 17:37:36
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1. Introduction to Plant growth regulator
Plant growth regulator refers to a class of compounds that can regulate plant growth and development, including plant hormones, auxins, gibberellins, ethylene, etc. They play an important role in plant nutritional metabolism, growth and development, and adaptation to the environment.

2. Plant growth regulator promotes growth
The most common application of plant growth regulator in field crops is to increase yield by promoting plant growth. For example, auxin, GA3, etc. are used to promote stem elongation, increase plant height, and increase yield. At the same time, auxin can increase leaf area, promote light energy conversion, and improve photosynthesis efficiency, thereby increasing crop yield.

3. Plant growth regulator increases production and efficiency
In addition to promoting growth, Plant growth regulator can also increase crop yields by regulating plant nutritional metabolism and physiological processes. For example, the use of hormone regulators can promote tillering, heading, increase young ears, increase heading rate, promote grain enlargement, etc., thereby achieving the effect of increasing yield and efficiency.

4. Plant growth regulator regulates flowering
Plant growth regulator also has an important impact on the flowering of field crops. For example, the application of auxin can delay the flowering time of crops and keep them in the growth phase for a longer period of time, thus increasing the accumulated summer temperature, promoting crop growth, and increasing yields.

5. Plant growth regulator improves quality
In addition to increasing yield, Plant growth regulator can also improve the quality of field crops. For example, the application of hormone regulators can make crop leaves and fruits straighter and fuller, make the fruits more colorful, taste better, and improve the quality of the fruits.
6. Plant growth regulator helps crops adapt to the environment
Plant growth regulator can also help crops adapt to the environment. For example, the application of regulators such as auxin and GA3 can improve the adaptability of crops to water shortage, low temperature, saline-alkali and other environments, and increase their yield and stress resistance.

In summary,
Plant growth regulator has a wide range of applications in field crops and can promote growth, increase yield and efficiency, regulate flowering, improve quality and adapt to the environment. However, the dosage and timing of use need to be strictly controlled during use to avoid over-reliance on it, so as to achieve better use effects.
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