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Biostimulant has many effects on crop growth

Date: 2024-06-05 14:43:21
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Biostimulant has many effects on crop growth. Although it is not a fertilizer or pesticide, it has certain functions to promote the effectiveness of fertilizers or pesticides. It plays an important role in promoting crop growth and enhancing the ability of crops to resist adverse stress. The target of Biostimulant is the crop itself. A small amount of application can achieve the effect of promoting plant growth and development, and this promotion effect is difficult to achieve with traditional nutrients.

The effects of Biostimulant mainly include the following points:
1. Biostimulant improves nutrient utilization:
Biostimulant can improve the ability of plants to utilize nutrients, reduce nutrient loss, and thus enhance the absorption and utilization efficiency of nutrients by plants.

2. Biostimulant enhances stress resistance:
Biostimulant can increase the stress resistance of plants, such as improving the resistance of plants to abiotic stresses such as extreme temperatures, irregular rainfall and climate change.

3. Biostimulant improves crop quality:
Biostimulant can significantly change crop quality, such as increasing the content of vitamin C and crop sugar, thereby obtaining higher economic benefits.

4. Biostimulant promotes the development of beneficial soil microorganisms:

Biostimulant can improve the soil environment, stimulate beneficial soil microorganisms, promote the population and function of beneficial microorganisms in the soil, and make the soil develop healthily.

5. Biostimulant improves plant physiological and biochemical capabilities:

Biostimulant can promote plant physiological and biochemical and photosynthesis capabilities, allowing plants to better utilize natural resources.
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