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How to use Triacontanol in rice and precautions

Date: 2024-05-31 12:02:59
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The dosage of Triacontanol in rice is generally 150-300ml/acre.

1. How to use Triacontanol in rice

1. The dosage of Triacontanol is generally 150-300ml/acre, and it needs to be sprayed 4-6 times during the growing season, with an interval of 10-15 days.
2. Before spraying, Triacontanol needs to be fully mixed with water and sprayed in windless or light wind conditions.
3. When spraying, the entire rice plant needs to be evenly covered, and the liquid cannot drip into the soil or below the leaf surface.
4. After spraying, it is necessary to keep other pesticides and fertilizers from being used during the interval to ensure the effect of Triacontanol.

2. Precautions for Triacontanol in rice
1. The use of Triacontanol needs to comply with relevant national regulations and standards. It is strictly forbidden to use excessive amounts or expired agents.
2. Pay attention to weather conditions when spraying, and avoid using it during rain or high temperatures.
3. Pay attention to your own health and safety during use. It is recommended to wear protective equipment to reduce the risk of contact with the agent.
4. After spraying, you need to clean the spraying tools and clothes in time to avoid secondary pollution caused by residual agents.

3. The effect of Triacontanol in rice
1. Triacontanol can effectively improve the stress resistance of rice, enhance the photosynthesis of rice, and promote the growth and development of rice.
2. Triacontanol can increase rice yield, improve the storage period and taste of rice.
3. Triacontanol can prevent and control rice diseases and pests, reduce farmers' pesticide use costs and crops' pollution to the environment.

Triacontanol is an effective pesticide, and its use in rice is very important. During use, you need to pay attention to the amount and method of use of the agent, and comply with relevant regulations and standards to ensure effectiveness and safety.
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