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The functions and method of using Brassinolide (BR) in corn plantation

Date: 2023-09-21 15:44:46
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Brassinolide (BR) is a new plant growth regulator. How does it work in corn production?

Brassinolide (BR) promotes root growth:
use as seed soaking or spraying in the seedbed stage, it has a significant growth-promoting effect on the seedling roots. According to the test data, the fresh weight of the root system increased by 20% to 50% and the dry weight increased by 15% to 107%.The intuitive performance is that the roots are deep and the leaves are lush, and the seedlings are strong.

Brassinolide (BR) promotes stem and leaf growth:
When spray in the seedling stage, brassinolide has the effect of promoting cell division and cell elongation and repairing damaged cells.It can increase the chlorophyll content of leaves, improve photosynthesis efficiency, and make light accumulation ,which has a significant effect on promoting the vegetative growth of corn and can increase the yield of corn.

Brassinolide (BR) promotes fruit setting and increases grain weight:
The active ingredients of Brassinolide (BR) can increase the activity of pollen, promote the elongation of pollen tubes, and facilitate the fertilization of corn, thus reducing the baldness rate of corn.  It can also increase the number and weight of kernels and improve the quality of corn, especially fresh corn.

Brassinolide (BR) enhances stress resistance:
The active ingredients of Brassinolide (BR) enter the corn leaves, which not only strengthens photosynthesis and promotes growth and development, but also stimulates certain protective enzyme activities in corn, which can greatly reduce adverse effects.Environmental corn body damage to corn plants, such as early resistance, cold resistance, heat resistance, and disease resistance.

Brassinolide (BR) alleviates phytotoxicity:
When pesticides are sprayed and phytotoxicity occurs, the timely use of brassinolide + potassium dihydrogen phosphate can regulate nutrient transport, supplement nutrients, reduce damage, and speed up the recovery of corn growth.

How to use Brassinolide (BR)
1.Stir seed: 
Use 1 ml of 0.01% Brassinolide (BR) soluble agent, mix it with an appropriate amount of water, and mix 200 kilograms of seed to promote early corn germination, neat emergence, and prevent herbicide damage.

2. Spray at the early stage of corn jointing: 
When corn begins to joint, the growth of stems and leaves begins to accelerate. If you need to control the growth, spray Brassinolide (BR) together with the growth control agent. It can prevent excessive growth control, prevent premature plant aging, and promote root growth. .

3. 9 to 11 leaf stage: 
The 9 to 11 leaf stage is the period when the growth of corn stems and leaves and the development of ears go hand in hand. The ears enter the floret differentiation stage, and various organs begin to compete for nutrients. At the same time, it is also the peak period for insect pests, so Brassinolide should be spray to improve the photosynthetic ability of leaves, promote spikelet differentiation and form large spikes.

4. Flowering and silking period: 
It is the most critical period for the formation of corn kernels, which directly determines the number of kernels in the ear. Spraying Brassinolide (BR) can promote the growth of pollen tubes, increase pollination rate, and reduce baldness rate. 

5. Grain-filling period: 
It is a critical period for corn yield and grain weight, and is also a period of high incidence of pests and diseases. In order to prevent and control pests and diseases, when spraying Brassinolide (BR), it can be sprayed together with drugs, which can effectively prevent and control embroidery diseases and leaf spots. Diseases, head smut, aphids, corn borers and other pests and diseases can promote grain filling and increase thousand-grain weight.

Precautions when using Brassinolide (BR)
1. Do not spray when it rains. Spray again if it rains within 6 hours after spraying. The best time to spray is before 10:00 am and after 3:00 pm;

2. Pay attention to the concentration configuration: brassinolide has high activity. When applying, the concentration must be correctly configured. First dilute it into a mother solution and then add water to prevent the concentration from being too high.

3. Pay attention to personal protection: Pay attention to personal protection during use. Avoid splashing on the skin and eyes during operation. After operation, wash hands and face with soap and water before eating.

4. When disposing of waste chemicals and containers, be careful not to pollute water sources.
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