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Fruitone-CPA (3-CPA) functions when use on fruits plantation

Date: 2024-04-12 11:00:36
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Fruitone-CPA (3-CPA) functions when use on fruits plantation

Fruitone-CPA (3-CPA)  full name is 2-(3-Chlorophenoxy)-Propionic Acid, is a chemical substance with a chemical formula of C9H9ClO3 and a molecular weight of 200.62.  The CAS registration number of Fruitone-CPA (3-CPA) is 101-10-0, the EINECS registration number is 202-915-2, and the melting point range is 112 to 116

Fruitone-CPA (3-CPA) is mainly used as a plant regulator. It is used in agriculture to inhibit pineapple crown growth, increase fruit diameter and fruit weight, and delay fruit maturity.  In addition, fruit acid can also be used to increase the size of pineapples (pineapples) and thin the skin of plum fruits.  Pineapples are harvested 15 weeks before the last flowers wither.  The corolla is 3-5 cm long, 240-700 g/ 1000 kg ha water spray crown to delay ripening.

The main functions of Fruitone-CPA (3-CPA) in plants include:
1.  Fruitone-CPA (3-CPA) promotes fruit growth:
fruit acid can stimulate fruit growth, thereby increasing yield.

2.  Fruitone-CPA (3-CPA) improves fruit quality:
Adding fruit acid can ripen the fruit in advance, increase the sugar and vitamin content of the fruit, and improve the quality of the fruit.

3.  Fruitone-CPA (3-CPA) prevents rot:
Fruit acid can also prevent fruits from rotting, extend their shelf life, and increase their market value.

4.  Fruitone-CPA (3-CPA) promotes root growth:
Fruit acid can increase fruit setting rate and promote root growth.

5.  Fruitone-CPA (3-CPA) inhibits leaf growth:
Under certain circumstances, fruit acid can inhibit the growth of pineapple crown tips and leaves, thereby increasing fruit size and weight.

6.  Fruitone-CPA (3-CPA) promotes early maturity of fruits:
Fruit acid can promote early maturity of crops, increase yield and improve quality.

The use of Fruitone-CPA (3-CPA) not only helps to improve the yield and quality of crops, but also has the advantages of low toxicity, basically no pollution to the environment, and safe use.  It is an effective plant growth regulator.

When using Fruitone-CPA (3-CPA), you need to pay attention to the right medicine, master the medication period, application frequency and dosage, choose appropriate application equipment, avoid application in bad weather, pay attention to personal protection measures, etc.  
At the same time, Fruitone-CPA (3-CPA) has potential skin irritation and ultraviolet absorption, so caution should be used when using it.
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