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Application of plant growth regulators on fruit trees--Peach

Date: 2024-01-22 16:28:11
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1. Improve fruit setting rate, preserve flowers and fruits, and enhance plant growth

Spray DA-6 once with 10mg/L liquid during the initial flowering stage, after fruit setting and during fruit expansion stage.
, can increase the fruit setting rate, make the fruit grow faster, have uniform size, increase sugar content, improve stress resistance, and increase early maturity and yield.

Naphthalene acetic acid(NAA)
Spraying Naphthalene acetic acid (NAA) 20mg/L liquid after flowering can increase the fruit setting rate.

Spraying 4-CPA 10~20mg/L solution during the flowering period, or spraying 4-CPA 25~40mg/L solution from late April to mid-to-late May can increase the fruit setting rate.

Spraying with 10~20mg/L liquid after the flowers fall can increase the leaf color, thicken the leaves, increase the fruit setting rate by 22.4%, increase the single fruit weight by 13.2%, reduce the weight of the peach stone, increase the rate of large fruit, mature 4 days earlier, and improve Coloring, improving quality. The total sugar content increase by 0.6, the soluble solids increase by 1%, and the fruit acid decrease.

Gibberellic acid
Spraying Gibberellic acid 1000mg/L liquid 15 to 20 days after flowering can increase the fruit setting rate.

2. Inhibit the growth of new shoots

Paclobutrazol (Paclo) soil root application:
When the peach buds germinate to 2cm long, apply it in a circular trench in the root zone of each mature peach tree. The amount of application per plant can be 10~15g of 15% Paclobutrazol (Paclo) wettable powder. It can effectively inhibit the growth of new shoots of peach trees, reduce nutrient consumption, significantly increase the number of flower buds, shorten the nodes, darken green leaves, increase chlorophyll content, and increase leaf dry matter. 

At the same time, it can improve the cold resistance of flower buds and increase the fruit setting rate , and a significant increase in production.

Foliar spraying:
When the new shoots grow to 30cm long, spray with Paclobutrazol (Paclo) 1000~1500mg/L. The most effective inhibition period is about 20 days. After that, the suppression will be gentler and the growth dynamics of the new shoots will fluctuate greatly.

Tree trunk application method: During the growing season or dormant period, mix Paclobutrazol (Paclo) wettable powder with water in a small teacup and apply it on the branches below the main branches with a small brush. The dosage is the same as soil application.

Please note when using: 
When using Paclobutrazol (Paclo) on peach trees, the dosage and concentration must be strictly controlled according to the local environment and peach tree species to avoid excessively inhibiting the growth of peach trees. Paclobutrazol cannot be used year after year.

3. Thinning flowers and fruits

Spraying Ethephon 200~300mg/L concentration solution during the blooming period has a good thinning effect.

Compound Sodium Nitrophenolate(Atonik)
Spray 3~4mg/L Compound Sodium Nitrophenolate (Atonik) after new sprouts appear.
The liquid should be sprayed 2 to 3 times from 20 days before flowering to just before flowering, and 1 to 2 times after fruiting. It can promote fruiting and fruit hypertrophy. Continuous use can effectively enhance and restore tree vigor, inhibit decline, and affect product quality. The taste has a good promotion effect.

Naphthalene acetic acid(NAA)
Spray naphthyl acetic acid 40~60mg/L solution 20~45 days after flowering, which has a clearing effect.

Spraying 500~1000 mg/L Paclobutrazol (Paclo) during the flowering stage has a significant thinning effect, inhibits pollen germination and young fruit enlargement, and the treated fruit weight is higher than the control when mature. Peach trees are sensitive to Paclobutrazol (Paclo) during the flowering stage. 

4. Enlarge fruits and promote ripening

Spraying with 100~200mg/L Ethephon within 50 days before peach harvest can promote fruit ripening. Spray 400~700mg/L 15~20 days before the red peaches mature in May to mature 5~10 days earlier.
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