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Application of plant growth regulators on fruits plantation-Banana

Date: 2023-02-22 14:30:16
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Diethyl aminoethyl hexanoate(DA-6)

Spray once time during the flower bud stage, bud breaking stage, and fruit expansion stage to make bananas more fruitful, combed, large, increase production and fruits quality.
Select bananas with a certain degree of maturity and treat them with ethephon. They will begin to turn yellow and soft after 2-4 days . The treatment can accelerate the ripening of bananas and promote the chlorosis and make peel yellow. The fruit will change from hard to soft and the sugar content will increase rapidly. The sweetness of the flavor depends on the temperature during the ripening period. It is best to control it between 18-25℃.
Spray brassinolide 90-120 days after planting for spring bananas and 150-210 days after planting for summer and autumn bananas.
, can promote early and rapid plant growth, cultivate plants with large leaves and thick stems, accumulate a large amount of photosynthetic products, and lay a material foundation for flowering. It can promote flower bud differentiation and vegetative growth at the same time.
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