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The funtions of brassinolide on pitaya planting process

Date: 2023-08-08 14:13:47
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Brassinolides are plant growth regulators that can improve crop growth and increase yields effectively.       
So can Brassinolide be use on pitaya? What funtions does Brassinolide have on pitaya?

1.Brassinolide have strong and wide applicability to crops and pitaya seedlings.
brassinolide are recognize as broad-spectrum and highly efficient plant hormone growth regulators in agriculture.  On the one hand, they can be widely used in food crops, economical crops, fruit tree crops, fruit and vegetable crops, solanaceous crops, and underground tubers. it  aslo can be used in various crops such as crops, flowers and seedlings.       

On the other hand, it can be used in the entire growth period of crops including seed treatment, seedling planting, tillering, jointing and booting, flowering and fruit setting, young fruit enlargement, grain filling, coloring and maturity.           

in addition, brassinolide can be used on crops for seed soaking, seed dressing, and It can be used for spraying and root irrigation, and can also be widely used in combination with other fertilizers (except alkaline fertilizers).       

Therefore, compared with other fertilizers, medicines, hormones, and plant growth regulators, brassinolide have wider and better applicability.Although brassinolide is not a foliar fertilizer, it has a good effect on increasing the production and income of pitaya when used in combination with fertilizers.

2. Brassinolide has the effect of promoting seedlings and rooting on crop and pitaya seedlings.
When Brassinolide are used to treat seeds before sowing or spray the seedbed, they can significantly promote seed germination and seedling root growth and development, and can make the seedlings strong and have well-developed root systems.

3.  Brassinolide can promote the healthy growth of pitaya and make the fruit larger.

After Brassinolide are sprayed on crops, it can not only promote cell division and growth in the crop, but also promote cell elongation and development. It can not only increase the chlorophyll content in the leaves, but also enable the crop to synthesize organic matter through photosynthesis. Therefore, Brassinolide have the effect of promoting growth and strength of crops.

4. Brassinolide can promote flower bud differentiation and increase flowering and fruit setting rate on crops and pitaya.
On the one hand, by regulating the distribution of endogenous hormones in the plant, Brassinolide have the effect of inhibiting the top growth of pitaya seedlings, promoting the germination and growth of side branches, and inducing flower bud differentiation.     

On the other hand, Brassinolide can effectively improve the germination activity of pollen , promote the elongation of pollen tubes, and promote higher-quality pollination and fertilization during the flowering and fruiting period of crops.     

Therefore, Brassinolide can help crops better achieve full flower bud differentiation, increase flowering and fruit setting rates.

5. Brassinolide can increase yield and improve quality of crops, and much important for increasing the yield of pitaya.

Brassinolide can promote cell division and cell elongation, and have obvious effects on young fruit enlargement, grain filling, and unit weight increase. Brassinolide can also induce fruit ovary enlargement, accelerate fruit enlargement, promote protein synthesis, and promote Sugar and dry matter accumulate and reduce the number of deformed fruits, thereby improving the taste and quality of crops.

6. Brassinolide can extend the life span of green leaves and prevent premature aging of pitaya seedlings.

Brassinolide can not only promote the development and absorption of root systems, but also increase the green content in crop leaves. This can delay the decline of crop roots and leaves, thereby enabling crops to enhance the water and fertilizer absorption capacity of roots and prolong leaf photosynthesis. On the basis of creating a nutrient life span, it has the effect of preventing premature yield loss in the middle and later stages of crops.

7. Brassinolide can enhance stress resistance of crops and dpitaya seedlings.

After Brassinolide is use on crops, it makes the crops more resistant to adverse growth environments such as low temperature and cold current, high temperature and drought, rain and waterlogging, dry and hot winds, saline-alkali soil, and pests, diseases, pesticides, fertilizers, etc. Resistance, physiological resistance and recovery ability, thereby mitigating the harm caused by various adverse external environments to the healthy growth of crops.

8. Brassinolide can prevent or alleviate phytotoxicity, fertilizer damage, low-temperature and freezing damage, and promote crop recovery.

For crops, by spraying some brassinolides before and after low-temperature freeze damage or after fertilizer or phytotoxicity damage occurs, it can prevent or alleviate crop damage and promote the accelerate growth of damaged crops to return to normal growth. 
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