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Functions and characteristics of INDOLE-3-BUTYRIC ACID (IBA)

Date: 2024-02-26 11:54:50
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INDOLE-3-BUTYRIC ACID (IBA) is an endogenous auxin that can promote cell division and cell growth, induce the formation of adventitious roots, increase fruit set, prevent fruit drop, and change female and male flowers Ratio etc.  It can enter the plant body through the tender epidermis of leaves, branches, and seeds, and is transport to the active parts along with the nutrient flow.

INDOLE-3-BUTYRIC ACID (IBA) is a plant taproot growth accelerator.  It is often use for root dipping and transplanting of woody and herbaceous plants.  It can accelerate root growth, improve the percentage of plant rooting, and can also be use for seed soaking and seed dressing of plant seeds, which can increase the germination rate and survival rate.

High concentration INDOLE-3-BUTYRIC ACID (IBA) can also promote the proliferation of some tissue culture seedlings.

1.  Dipping method (also called soaking method): Use a lower concentration for species that are easy to root, and use a slightly higher concentration for species that are difficult to root.  Generally, 50 to 300 mg/L is use to soak the base of the cuttings for about 8 to 24 hours.  High concentration need short soaking time.
2.  Quick soaking method: INDOLE-3-BUTYRIC ACID (IBA) is 500~1000mg/L, and the base of the cuttings is soake for 5~7 seconds.
3.  Powder dipping method: Use of powder: Mix an appropriate amount of INDOLE-3-BUTYRIC ACID (IBA) (or mix and dissolve IBA with an appropriate amount of ethanol), containing 1000~5000 mg/L of active ingredients as a growth regulator, and then add talcum powder or clay.  Soak it in alcohol, and the alcohol will evaporate to obtain a powder.  The dosage is 0.1 to 0.3%.  When using, first moisten the base of the cuttings, then dip or spray powder.

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