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How to use Compound Sodium Nitrophenolates (Atonik) correctly?

Date: 2024-04-23 17:02:32
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First, Compound Sodium Nitrophenolates (Atonik) can be used alone, but it is best to use it in combination with fungicides, insecticides, microbial inoculants, potassium dihydrogen phosphate, amino acids and other fertilizers. It can not only quickly repair losses caused by pests and diseases, natural disasters and improper field management, but also promote the rapid recovery and growth of disaster-stricken crops.

Second is that because Compound Sodium Nitrophenolates (Atonik) takes effect quickly, it also has the disadvantage of a short duration. Generally, it takes 2-3 consecutive uses to consolidate the effect. However, crops in the same season cannot be used frequently, and the concentration used cannot be too high. Use in large doses will inhibit the growth of crops and lead to stunted fruit development.

Third is that it cannot be used in winter and low temperatures. Compound Sodium Nitrophenolates (Atonik) is very sensitive to temperature, and the temperature must be above 15° to be effective. The temperature is 25-30°, and the effect can be seen in 48 hours. When the temperature is above 30°, the effect will be visible the next day.

Fourth, do not use Compound Sodium Nitrophenolates (Atonik) when crops are growing vigorously, otherwise they will cause crazy growth. If high concentration is used to control growth, it will easily cause premature aging of crops and affect the normal growth of crops.

Fifth , although Compound Sodium Nitrophenolates (Atonik) is more prominently used on vegetables, the use time must be appropriate. Generally, leafy vegetables, bulbs, including tobacco leaves, should be stopped one month before harvesting. The trial and error cost of planting is high, so planting needs to be done with caution.
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