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How to use Ethephon?

Date: 2024-05-25 12:08:42
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Ethephon is a commonly used plant growth regulator, mainly used to promote plant growth, increase yield and improve quality, etc.
The following is how to use Ethephon.

1. Ethephon dilution:
Ethephon is a concentrated liquid, which needs to be appropriately diluted according to different crops and purposes before use. Generally speaking, a concentration of 1000~2000 times can meet various requirements.

2. Ethephon drip irrigation
spray or splashing: Ethephon is mainly used by drip irrigation, spray or splashing, and the dosage per acre is generally 200~500 ml. Among them, spray and splashing are mainly used for plant leaf spray or root water application. The drip irrigation method is mainly used for plant root drip irrigation.

3. Ethephon operation time
Ethephon should be used in the morning or evening, so as to avoid the high temperature period and reduce damage to plants. At the same time, it is more effective when used during the rapid growth period of plants.
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