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What is the difference between brassinolide and compound sodium nitrophenolate (Atonik) ?

Date: 2024-05-06 14:13:12
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Compound sodium nitrophenolate (Atonik) is a powerful cell activator. After contacting with plants, it can quickly penetrate into the plant body, promote the protoplasm flow of cells, improve cell vitality, and promote plant growth;

while brassinolide is a plant endogenous hormone that can be secreted by the plant body or sprayed artificially. It is an efficient and broad-spectrum plant growth regulating hormone that has the function of regulating the distribution of nutrients in the plant body and balancing other plant hormones; 

the two have different chemical structures and synthesis processes; different mechanisms of action for regulating plant growth; different regulatory effects on various growth stages of plants, and brassinolide has a regulatory effect on all growth stages of plants. The concentration used is also different.
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