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What kind of product is Fertilizer synergist?

Date: 2024-05-08 14:18:18
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Fertilizer synergists are a class of products designed to improve fertilizer utilization.
They increase nutrient supply to crops by fixing nitrogen and activating phosphorus and potassium elements that are difficult to use in the soil, and play a role in regulating plant physiological functions. There are many types of Fertilizer synergists, including nitrification inhibitors, urease inhibitors, nutrient activators, water retainers, etc. Usually, fertilizer synergists are added to conventional fertilizers, which can appropriately reduce the amount of fertilizer applied while improving fertilizer utilization.

The role of Fertilizer synergists is not limited to improving the direct utilization of fertilizers, but also includes indirectly improving fertilizer utilization by improving soil structure, promoting the formation of soil aggregates, improving air permeability, improving root development, promoting microbial activity, and improving the conversion of nutrients in the soil.

In summary, Fertilizer synergist is a special fertilizer additive. It does not belong to a specific product category, but is a general term for a class of products with different functions and mechanisms of action. They act on fertilizers and soil in different ways to improve nutrient absorption and yield quality of crops.

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