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Application of plant growth regulators in pepper plantation

Date: 2023-02-28 14:39:37
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Here we introduce some related plant growth regulators use during pepper growth.
1. Naa(naphthylacetic acid)
Before transplanting peppers from seedbeds to fields, use Naa for root dipping treatment to promote rapid rooting growth of peppers.
2. CCC( chlormequat)
During pepper seedling cultivation, when the seedlings become leggy or grow thin, foliar spraying can be carried out during the initial flowering or budding stages of the pepper to inhibit leggy stems and leaves and dwarf the plant. It can also increase the thickness of the leaves and promote photosynthesis.
Spraying the whole pepper plant with brassinolide in the early stages of fruit setting can preserve flowers and fruits, promote the normal development of flower buds,and increase the fruit setting rate. Used two to three times throughout the growth period, it can increase the number of  fruits per plant and the weight of single fruit, thereby increasing production.
During the flowering and full-flowering periods of peppers, use atonik to foliar spraying, which can reduce flower and fruit drop and increase the fruit setting rate of peppers.
5.Prohexadione calcium
Use during the flowering and fruit-setting period of peppers,the effect of controlling overgrowth is obvious , it can also increase the number of fruits per plant and the weight of single fruit, and increase the storage stability of peppers

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