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When can rooting powder be used for vegetable planting?

Date: 2024-05-08 16:14:49
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Use rooting powder does not mean that the more you use, the better effect will be. It is recommended that vegetable farmers apply it according to the recommended dosage on the label. You can choose to apply it in the early or late growth period of vegetables, when the leaves are good but the roots are weak, which can increase the amount of roots and enhance root absorption ability, the application effect is the most obvious.

Use rooting powder after planting in the seedling stage
After the vegetable seedlings are planted, the key point of management is to "control the top and promote the bottom". The first appropriate time to use rooting powder is when pouring water to slow down the seedlings after the vegetables are planted. Its main function is to promote rapid root growth and slow down the seedlings early.

Use rooting powder when fruit setting is large
When the amount of fruit set is large during the peak fruiting period, the root system needs to absorb a greater amount of nutrients at this time. At this time, timely application of use rooting powder can increase the content of growth hormone in the roots and regulate the distribution direction of nutrients in the vegetables, so that the roots can receive sufficient nutrition, ensure that the roots are more active, and the ability to absorb nutrients is long-lasting and stable, which is beneficial to Shorten the stubble period of vegetables to ensure high yield and high quality of vegetables.

Use rooting powder if phytotoxicity appears on the ground
After phytotoxicity occurs, in addition to spraying water, foliar fertilizers, plant growth regulators, etc. on the leaves to alleviate the problem, use rooting powder can also be applied with water to increase root activity, increase nutrient supply, and promote vegetable growth recovery.

Use rooting powder on rainy days, high or low temperatures
When vegetables encounter harsh weather conditions such as rainy days, high or low temperatures, the nutrients of vegetables are greatly consumed and they are in urgent need of replenishment. Applying use rooting powder at this time can promote the rapid recovery of the root system, absorb more nutrients, meet the growth needs of stems and leaves, and help the plant quickly resume growth.

Use rooting powder when root diseases occur
In recent years, root diseases have occurred more frequently. At this time, using rooting agents, especially rooting powder containing beneficial bacteria, can improve root activity, enhance disease resistance, and reduce the continued development of root diseases.

Use rooting powder after roots are damaged by fertilizer damage, floods, etc.
If the manure is not fully decomposed when used, it will continue to ferment after planting vegetables, which will produce a large amount of harmful gases and heat, causing damage to the root system. At this time, multiple waterings should be combined to dilute the harmful substances in the soil, and use rooting powder should be applied with the water to promote the rapid recovery of the damaged root system.

For root damage caused by floods, etc., rooting powder can also be used to promote root recovery.
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