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Which plant growth regulators can be use to soak tomato seeds?

Date: 2023-05-06 22:44:30
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Which plant growth regulators can be used to soak tomato seeds?        
What is the usage of soaking tomato seeds with plant growth regulator?

1.Naphthalene acetic acid(NAA): 
Before raising tomato seedlings, soak the seeds with 5~10 mg/L naphthalene acetic acid(NAA) solution for 10~12 hours, then rinse them with clean water and sow them.        

The seedlings after such treatment will be neat, strong and cold-resistant. It can prevent the occurrence of tomato blight.

2.Pinsoa rooting powder: 
Using Pinsoa root king can accelerate tomato seed germination and seedling growth, improve drought resistance, and ultimately increase production.

Soaking tomato seeds with a certain concentration of Brassinolide solution for 24 hours can significantly improve the seed germination rate.   

The concentration of the Brassinolide solution is 0.01~0.04 mg/L, but the concentration of 0.01 mg /L  is  has the best effect, and the germination rate can be increase by more than 10%.

Experiments have shown that soaking tomato seeds with paclobutrazol(Paclo)can improve the seedling strength index of tomato seedlings, which is manifest in reduce plant height, increase stem thickness, darken leaf color, and increase root-to-shoot ratio.

 In the concentration range of 1 to 20 mg/L, using Uniconazole(UNI) for seed soaking can significantly reduce the height of tomato seedlings, increase stem diameter, promote root development, and increase the root-shoot ratio, so It is beneficial to cultivate strong seedlings and improve the lodging resistance and salt tolerance of the seedlings.
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