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6-BA 6-benzylamino-adenine shipping to customer

Date: 2022-10-15
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Chemical name: 6-benzylamino-adenine  Other names: 6-benzylaminopurine, cytokinin,6-BA    Common English name :6-Benzylaminopurine
Subtype :C12H11N5 ,Relative molecular weight :225.26    Melting point :230-233℃ Physical and chemical properties: white crystalline powder, insoluble in water, slightly soluble in ethanol, stable in acid and alkali solution
Physical and chemical properties: pure products are white crystals, industrial products are white or light yellow, odorless.  Pure product melting point 235℃, stable in acid and alkali, light, heat is not easy to decompose.  The solubility in water is small, 60 mg/l, and the solubility is larger in ethanol and acid.
Standard: The 6-BA content of first-class products is not less than 98%, and the moisture is not more than 0.5%
Second grade 6-BA content is not less than 95%, moisture is not more than 1%
Content: imported subpackage ≥99%, water <0.5%

Main function
6-BA is widely used for its high efficiency, stability, low cost and ease of use, and is the favorite cytokinin of tissue cultures.  The main function of BA is to promote bud formation, and it can also induce callus.  It can be used to improve the quality and yield of tea and tobacco.  The fresh-keeping of vegetables and fruits and the cultivation of rootless bean sprouts can obviously improve the quality of fruits and leaves.
6-BA was the first synthetic cytokinin.  Synthesized by Wellcome Research Laboratory in the United States in 1952, and commercialized in Japan in the 1960s, 6-BA is absorbed by germinated seeds, roots, shoots and leaves.
6-BA can inhibit the decomposition of chlorophyll, nucleic acid and protein in plant leaves.  Green protection and aging: amino acids, auxins, inorganic salts, etc. are transferred to the treatment site.
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