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Gibberellic acid GA3 shipping to customer

Date: 2018-08-18
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Gibberellic acid is an organic compound, the molecular formula is C19H22O6, was found in the study of rice bad seedling disease, it refers to the gibberellane skeleton, can stimulate cell division and elongation of a class of compounds. Gibberellic acidis a broad-spectrum plant growth regulator, which can promote the growth and development of crops, make them mature earlier, increase yield and improve quality; It can quickly break the dormancy of seeds, tubers, bulbs and other organs and promote germination; Reduce bud, flower, bell and fruit shedding, improve fruit bearing rate or form seedless fruit. It can also cause certain two-year-old plants to bloom that year.

1.   This product has significant effect on increasing production of cotton, grapes and vegetables.   It can promote seed germination, plant growth and early flowering.   When used, it can be applied, mixed seed, dipped root, spray, etc.   When gibberellin powder is used, it can be dissolved in a small amount of alcohol or liquor first.
2.   Efficient plant growth regulator.   It can promote the growth and development of crops, mature early, improve quality and increase yield.   It can quickly break the dormancy of organs such as seeds, tubers and bulbs, promote germination and reduce the loss of buds, flowers, bells and fruits, improve the fruit setting rate or form seedless fruits.   It can be used for rice, wheat, cotton, fruit trees, vegetables and other crops to promote their growth, germination, flowering and fruit.   Whether spraying, applying or dipping the root of gibberellin, it can increase the yield of different crops, but if too much gibberellin is applied, the plants will appear yellow and slender branches, that is, green loss and vain growth, which will affect the yield.   Gibberellin can also be used to make malt from barley.   It also promotes the development of insects.

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