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Paclobutrazol shipping to customer

Date: 2023-04-21
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Paclobutrazol is a plant growth regulator, which has the effects of delaying plant growth, inhibiting stem elongation, shortening internode, promoting plant tillering, increasing plant stress resistance and increasing yield.
The main dosage forms of polybulozole are wettable powder, suspension agent, and raw powder.

Polybulozole is a triazole plant growth regulator developed in the 1980s, and is an inhibitor of endogenous gibberellin synthesis.   It can also increase the activity of rice indoleacetic acid oxidase and reduce the endogenous IAA level of rice seedlings.   The top growth advantage of rice seedling was obviously weakened, and the breeding of side bud (tiller) was promoted.   The appearance of the seedlings is short, thick and tiller, and the leaves are dark green.   The roots are well developed.   The anatomical study showed that polybulozole could make the cells of root, leaf sheath and leaf smaller, and the number of cell layers in each organ increased.   Tracer analysis showed that rice seeds, leaves and roots could absorb polybulobutenazole.   Most of the polybulobulozoles absorbed by the leaves remained in the absorbed part and were rarely transported outward.   The photosynthetic efficiency of rice seedling leaves was increased with low concentration of polyphobulozole.   High concentration inhibits photosynthetic efficiency.   Increase root respiration intensity;   Reduce the respiration intensity of part of the ground, improve the resistance of leaf stomata, and reduce the transpiration of leaf surface.

The agricultural application value of polybulobuzole lies in its control effect on crop growth.   It can delay plant growth, inhibit stem elongation, shorten internode, promote plant tillering, promote flower bud differentiation, increase plant stress resistance and increase yield.   This product is suitable for rice, wheat, peanuts, fruit trees, tobacco, rape, soybeans, flowers, lawn and other crops (plants), the use of remarkable effect.
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