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Plant growth regulator 6BA 99%TC

Appearance : Pure product is white crystal, industrial product is white or light yellow, not soluble in water.
CAS NO.: 1214-39-7
Molecular formula: C12H11N5
Formula weight:225.26
Melting point: 230-233ºC
Formulation: 98%TC, 99%TC, 1%SP
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Physical and chemical properties
Pure product is white crystal, industrial product is white or light yellow, odorless, melting point is 230-233℃, insoluble in water, insoluble in most organic solvents, soluble in dimethylformamide and dimethylmethylene, Also soluble in acid and alkali. Stable under acid, alkali and neutral conditions, stable to light and heat.
The sample is dissolved in mobile phase, with methanol + water + phosphoric acid = 40 + 60 + 0.1 as the mobile phase, a stainless steel column filled with C18 and a variable-wavelength UV detector. The sample is tested at a wavelength of 262nm. 6-BA in HPLC was separated and determined by high performance liquid chromatography.
Functional features
1. Broad-spectrum crops can be used with good safety performance.
2. It can be absorbed by different parts of the plant such as stems, leaves, fruits, buds, flowers, etc. 
3. Used in different periods with different effects:
Promote non-differentiated tissue differentiation; 
Promote seed and bud germination; 
Promote transpiration and stomatal opening, regulate nutrient absorption; 
Increase photosynthesis,
Promote grain development;
Promote fruit-setting, flower- and fruit-induced traits; 
Promote flower bud formation and flowering; 
Promote fruit enlargement and induce tuber formation; 
Alleviate senescence and keep fresh . 

How to use
Use alone: Foliar spraying 10~20mg/L; fruit treatment 50~100mg/L; Flushing 15~30g/1000M2.
Mixed use with other PGR: 0.01% brassinolide + 2% 6-BA;
1.8% 6-BA + 1.8% GA4 + 7; 2% 6-BA + 2% GA3;
17% chlorocholine. NAA + 1% 6-BA.

Mechanism and characteristics
For Cytokinin 6-BA 99%, How to make 6-BA dissolve in water before using ? Because 6-BA is steady in aqueous acid and alkaline solutions, we recommend to make 6-Benzylaminopurine dissolve by citric acid or sodium hydroxide, 6-BA is also soluble in Ethanol, Methanol, Potassium Hydroxide and Sodium Hydroxide.
NOTE: Sodium hydroxide or potassium hydroxide will drive the PH up, so it must be adjusted as needed when used in a hydroponic solution
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