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Sodium 2-methoxy-5-nitrophenol
Sodium 2-methoxy-5-nitrophenol

Sodium 2-methoxy-5-nitrophenol

Chemical name: Sodium 2-methoxy-5-nitrophenol.
Other names: PMN, sodium 5-nitro-o-methoxyphenol.
Dosage form: 98% raw powder.
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Application technology
1) It has a very clear synergistic effect on the compound of fertilizer, insecticide, fungicide and seed coating agent; 
be used for soaking seeds, watering, spreading flower buds and. spraying on leaves.
(2) Used for animal husbandry and fishery: 
accelerate animals' growth and development, 
enhance animals' immunity 
prevent various diseases.
(3) Used in medicine: 
be used as hair growth agent and beauty agent, 
promote hair growth and hairdressing. 
have good hair growth and beauty functions.
Suitable crops: Widely used in food crops, cash crops, oil crops, flowers, forest herbs and so on.

Physical and chemical properties
Appearance : Bordeaux flake crystal,Melting point: 105 ~ 106 ℃
Soluble in water under free acid state
Storage: table storage under conventional conditions.
Sodium 5-nitrogualacolate is cell-activator agent and can be used as the plant growth regulator, it can infiltrate into plants rapidly, accelerate the flow of cell protoplasm, promote the growth, reproduce of the crop.
It can be used in seed-soak, irrigation, and leaf-spraying.

Mechanism and characteristics
1.5-nitroguaiacol sodium is a powerful cell activator
2.It can quickly enter plants, promote cell protoplasm flow, accelerate plant rooting and germination, promote growth, reproduction and fruiting
3.It can improve the photosynthetic rate of leaves and promote the formation of dry matter
4.It and its compound preparation sodium complex nitrophenol (compound with o-nitrate, p-nitrate, etc.) have been recommended as plant growth regulators for green food engineering by FAO.
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