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Application of plant growth regulators on flowers plantation--roses

Date: 2023-03-20 23:28:12
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The effects of plant growth regulators on roses:

1.Root King promotes rooting growth
Use high-quality seedlings, the semi-lignified top branches and secondary branches as cuttings,remove some leaves  properly , and use PINSOA rooting king to promote rooting.

2.Ethephon promotes growth
After the rose cuttings grow root, spray the base of the seedlings with 250 mg/L ethephon solution , and spray again once every 2 weeks to promote the growth of side branches.

3.PP333(Paclobutrazol) promotes flowering
After pruning the pot roses, when the new branches grow to 5-10cm long, irrigate the soil with 300mg/L PP333(Paclobutrazol) solution.    When watering, it is appropriate to have the solution just flowing out from the bottom of the pot. It can bloom about 2 weeks earlier than the untreated ones.    Because PP333(Paclobutrazol) remains in the soil for a long time, it can also prevent branches from growing excessively for a long time.

During the leaf-expanding stage of roses, spraying the whole plant with 100 mg/L Gibberellin(GA3) solution can make flowering about 6 days in advance, but the flowering period may be shortened.
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