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Application of plant growth regulators on fruit trees--Watermelon

Date: 2023-10-20 15:35:11
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Cultivate strong seedlings

Strong watermelon seedlings are the basis for high yields.   Strong seedlings have large and plump cotyledons and true leaves, dark green and shiny colors, well-developed root systems, many hairs and wax powder on the leaves, and are free from diseases and insect pests.

1.Rooting powder
we recommended to use Pinsoa root king, which mainly promotes watermelon rooting.
Seed soaking concentration of 10-25mg/L can promote early germination of watermelon, thereby promoting strong seedlings, increasing yield and improving quality. Seeds treat with 10 mg/L rooting agent soak for 1 hour can germinate in 24 hours, while those treated with clear water only germinate after 36 hours. Moreover, the seedlings grown quickly after the former treatment and strong seedlings were cultivated.


When raising seedlings, in order to prevent leggy growth and excessive hypocotyl length before true leaves appear, spray 50-100 mg/L Paclobutrazol (Paclo) on the cotyledons Liquid medicine. Stretch the vines to about 60cm, and spray the entire plant with 200-500 mg/L paclobutrazol liquid on overgrown plants. Spray 2-3 times every 10 days to control the vine length and increase the melon setting rate.

Soaking seeds with 10 mg/L DA-6 for 12 hours and spraying again in the seedling stage can significantly reduce the occurrence of damping-off and anthracnose, and can significantly promote root growth and enhance absorption activities, and enhance cold and drought resistance.  The leaves are dark green, thick and shiny.

4. Compound sodium nitrophenolate (Atonik)
Soak seeds with 6mg/L Compound sodium nitrophenolate (Atonik) for 12 hours and spray once during the seedling stage to promote rooting and germination, make the seedlings strong and strong, and reduce the occurrence of diseases.

 Prevention and treatment of stiff seedlings
During the seedling stage of watermelon or for a period of time after planting, sometimes the seedlings will not grow long, that is, the phenomenon of stiff seedlings will occur.

There are many reasons for stiff seedlings, such as insufficient supply of fertilizer and water, drought or heavy soil, poor aeration, and excessive application of chemical fertilizers. However, in greenhouses in the north, it is mostly because the seedbed temperature is too low, with the average daily temperature not exceeding 10°C, and the ground temperature being lower than 15°C for a long time, which cannot meet the growth needs of watermelon, especially is extremely detrimental to the growth of the root system, resulting in weak absorption capacity. Seedlings appear stiff and do not grow.
Any factors that affect root growth and absorption activities can cause stiff seedlings. In addition to solving the problem through cultural measures, a plant growth retulator can be used to promote its growth.

1.Gibberellic acid
Gibberellic acid is a plant growth promoter. In the early-maturing cultivation of watermelon, due to the influence of unfavorable factors such as the changing temperature environment and root damage during transplantation, it is easy to cause stiff watermelon seedlings and slow growth of the plant.

For example, spraying Gibberellic acid solution at a concentration of 50-100mg/L on watermelon seedlings can significantly promote the growth of the root system, stems and leaves of the melon seedlings after 3-5 days, with the manifestations of medium-length internodes and enlarg leaves. The area's chlorophyll content decreases and the leaves become lighter.

 Promote fruit setting and prevent fruit falling

1.Chlormequat chloride(CCC)
Using Chlormequat chloride (CCC) during the flowering and fruiting stages of watermelon can inhibit the growth of vines, promote fruit setting, increase yield, and improve quality.

2.sodium 1-naphthaleneacetate
Watermelon flowers can be soaked or sprayed with 20-30 mg/L sodium 1-naphthaleneacetate solution during the flowering stage to promote fruit setting. Pre-fertilization treatment can form seedless watermelons.

3. Compound sodium nitrophenolate (Atonik)
Use 3-6mg/L Compound sodium nitrophenolate (Atonik)
Spray during the flowering period to promote melon setting.

Spray the whole watermelon plant with 10 mg/L of ethyl acetate during the flowering stage, which can promote melon setting and prevent melons from falling and melting.

Promote fruit enlargement

Compound sodium nitrophenolate (Atonik)
Spray 3-6 mg/L of ompound sodium nitrophenolate (Atonik) at the early flowering, fruit setting and fruit expansion stages of watermelon.
The medicinal solution can significantly increase the yield of watermelon with good quality, increase sugar content, and ripen 4-7 days earlier.
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