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What is the effect of spraying brassinolide during pitaya growing?

Date: 2023-10-09 14:25:15
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what kind of plant growth regulator is need in pitaya cultivation?The essential one is brassinolide.  What is the effect of spraying brassinolide?
The following is a brief introduction for your reference.

Brassinolide is a new type of green and environmentally friendly plant growth regulator.  It can promote crop growth through spraying at appropriate concentrations, improve quality, increase production, bright color, thicker leaves, and make fruit sugar content higher.

The effect of spraying brassinolide on pitaya is to increase the number of fruits and increase the yield; increase the vitality of pitaya pollen effectively, increase the number of flowers, and promote the fertilization of pollen; promote the expansion of pitaya and increase the fruit weight;   improve the quality of pitaya, and increase the commodity rate.

Brassinolides are plant hormones that are harmless to humans and animals.At the same time, they can improve the drought and cold resistance of crops and alleviate the symptoms of crops suffering from pests, diseases, pesticides, fertilizer damage, and freezing damage.
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