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Effects of Triacontanol on Fruit Trees

Date: 2024-05-31 11:58:42
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Triacontanol has a significant promoting effect on fruit trees, including promoting bud eye differentiation, improving fruit quality, reducing fruit drop, and increasing fruit color change and yield. 

Triacontanol promotes bud differentiation: 

Triacontanol can promote bud differentiation of apple trees, thereby increasing the number and size of fruit clusters, which is of great significance for increasing fruit tree yield.

Triacontanol improves fruit quality: 
By increasing the sugar content, hardness and color of the fruit, triacontanol can significantly improve the quality of the fruit, making the fruit more delicious and attractive.
Triacontanol reduces fruit drop: Triacontanol can reduce the fruit drop rate of apple trees, thereby ensuring that more fruits can mature and increase the number and yield of fruits.

Triacontanol increases fruit color change and yield: 
Using triacontanol during the fruit color change period can promote the accumulation of dry matter in fruit trees, increase fruit color change and yield, which is very helpful for improving the economic benefits of fruit trees.
In addition, as a plant growth regulator, Triacontanol can be used in seed soaking, root soaking, seedling soaking and foliar spraying, all of which have significant yield-increasing effects. Its application on apple trees shows that triacontanol can not only promote plant growth, but also improve the appearance and internal quality of fruits. It is an efficient and rapid plant growth promoter.
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