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Ethephon ripens bananas

Date: 2024-05-26 12:11:42
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Ethephon product performance (use):

Ethephon enters the plant body through the leaves, bark, fruits, etc., and then conducts to the site of action, releasing ethylene, thereby promoting fruit ripening and leaf shedding.

Usage technology and usage method:
Fruit Control target Dosage (prepared dosage/acre) Application method
Banana Ripening 400-500 times liquid Dipping

1. Harvest bananas that are 70% to 80% ripe, and use the dosage in the table. Soak them in Ethephon for 10 seconds on the same day, take them out and dry them, and seal them for storage.
2. This agent should be used immediately after preparation and cannot be stored. Use this product to soak the harvested bananas once.
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