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Brassinolide categories and applications

Date: 2024-03-29 12:10:36
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Brassinolides are available in five product categories:

(1)24-trisepibrassinolide: 72962-43-9 C28H48O6
(2)22,23,24-trisepibrassinolide :78821-42-9
(3)28-epihomobrassinolide: 80843-89-2 C29H50O6
(4)28-homobrassinolide:82373-95-3  C29H50O6
(5)Natural Brassinolide

the activity order as follows:
Crops  Activity order
  1. homobrassinolide>28-epihomobrassinolide>
  2. 24-trisepibrassinolide>22,23,24-trisepibrassinolide
  1. homobrassinolide>28-epihomobrassinolide>
  2. 24-trisepibrassinolide> 22,23,24-trisepibrassinolide
Corn 28-homobrassinolide>24-trisepibrassinolide>22,23,24-trisepibrassinolide>28-epihomobrassinolide
Tomato 24-trisepibrassinolide>28-homobrassinolide>22,23,24-trisepibrassinolide>28-epihomobrassinolide
Watermelon 28-homobrassinolide>24-trisepibrassinolide>22,23,24-trisepibrassinolide>28-epihomobrassinolide
  1. homobrassinolide>24-trisepibrassinolide>
  2. 28-epihomobrassinolide>22,23,24-trisepibrassinolide

Brassinolide is a new green and environmentally friendly plant growth regulator ,it's have the characteristics of auxins, gibberellins, and cytokinins in their physiological effects: they can promote seed germination, regulate growth, increase production, promote fruit ripening. Brassinolide can be use alone or mix with gibberellic acid and cytokinin .

Brassinolide can be widely use in food crops such as rice, wheat, and potatoes, generally increase the production by 10%;  when use in various economic crops such as fruit trees, vegetables, cotton, linen, and flowers, they can generally increase the production by 10- 20%, and the highest can reach 30%, significantly improve the quality, increase sugar content and fruit weight, and increase the beauty of flowers.
At the same time, it can also improve the drought resistance and cold resistance of crops, and alleviate the symptoms of crops suffering from pests, diseases, pesticide damage, fertilizer damage, and freezing damage.

In practical applications, naturally extracted brassinolide have the best quality and better comprehensive economic benefits, natural brassinoide is more popular and use by farmers.
No matter which type of plant hormones they belong to, they are harmless to humans and animals and are very safe and effective at normal dosages.

Brassinolide can be made into 0.1% soluble powder or water, which has good stability and strong compatibility.
Different raw materials can be select in different dosage forms.
1. mix with liquid fertilizer, measure by diluting it 1000 times:
2. mix with solid fertilizer, measure by diluting it 600 times:
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