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Root King product characteristics and use Instructions

Date: 2024-03-28 11:46:07
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Product characteristics (application):

1.This product is a plant endogenous auxin-inducing factor, which is composed of 5 kinds of plant endogenous auxins including indoles and 2 kinds of vitamins. Formulated with addition exogenous, it can increase the activity of endogenous auxin synthase in plants in a short time and induce the synthesis of endogenous auxin and gene expression,indirectly promotes cell division, elongation and expansion, induces the formation of rhizomes, and is beneficial to new root growth and vascularization system differentiation,promotes the formation of adventitious roots of cuttings.

At the same time, the accumulation of endogenous auxin can promote the growth of xylem and phloem differentiation and adjustment of nutrient transport ,promoting flower and fruit development.

2.Promote early rooting, fast rooting, and multiple roots, including main roots and fibrous roots.
3. Improve root vitality and enhance the plant's ability to absorb water and fertilizer.
4. It can promote the germination of new shoots, improve the growth of seedlings and increase the survival rate.
5. It has a wide range of uses and can be use for spreading and root irrigation of large trees;  seedling cuttings;  flower transplants and root dipping;  lawn transplants;plant Stem and leaf spray rooting treatment, etc.
6. It can promote the differentiation of crop root primordia, accelerate the growth and development of root systems, shorten the number of days for plants to turn green after transplanting, and significantly improve transplantation survival rate, strengthen plants and increase production.

Use Instructions:
1. Routine maintenance
Flush application dosage: 500g-1000g/acre, can be apply alone or mix with NPK
Spraying dosage: 10-20 g mix with water 15 kg to spray
Root irrigation: 10-20 g mix with water 10-15 kg Spray after seedlings are grown or transplanted:
Transplanting seedlings: 10 g mix with 4-6kg of water, soak the roots for 5 minutes or spray the roots evenly until water drips, then transplant
Tender shoot cuttings: 5 g mix with 1.5-2 kg of water, then soak the base of the cuttings for 2-3 cm for 2-3 minutes

2. Examples of usage of several crops: :
Application Techniques and Methods:
Crop Function Dilution ratio Usage
Durian, lychee, longan and other fruit trees Small trees promote rooting and increase survival rate 500-700 times Soak seedlings
  Adult trees Strengthen roots and trees growth vigor Tree path every 10cm/10-15 g/tree Root irrigation
When transplanting , dissolve 8-10g of this product in 3-6L water, soak the seedlings for 5 minutes or spray the roots evenly until water drips, and then transplant; after transplanting,10-15g dissolve in 10-15L water and spray;  
for adult trees, this product can be use alone or mix with other fertilizers,500-1000 g/667 Square meter when watering orchards or tree path every 10cm/10-15g/tree, 1-2 times per season.
Rice/wheat Regulate growth 500-700 times Soak seedlings
Peanut early rooting 1000-1400 times Seed coating
Soak the seeds for 10-12 hours, then soak the seeds in clean water until the germination turns white, and sow with regular germination;Do not increase the concentration and soaking time;
Do not use use low-quality rice seeds with broken breasts and long buds; this product can be use on rice up to 2 times per season.

3. Spread directly:
A. Recommend table of usage and dosage for tree planting
Diameter  (cm) 1-10 11-20 21-30 31-40 41-50 above 50
Usage amount (g) 20-40 40-60 60-80 80-100 100-120 120-200
Usage Usage: After the trees are planted, spread this product evenly on the soil surface in the cofferdam, watering, irrigate thoroughly, and cover with soil.

B. Usage and dosage in woody plant nursery:
Use 10-20 g of this product per square meter of seedbed.  It can be spread directly or in ditch.  After application, spraying or watering to avoid plants leaves contact with product and avoid damaging leaves.

C. Usage and dosage for transplanting herbaceous flowers to nurseries and lawn planting sites:
Use 2-4 g of this product per square meter.  Spread directly and then lightly mix the soil or spray.  Spraying or watering the plants after planting to avoid plants leaves contact with product and avoid damaging leaves.

4. Root spraying for tree transplantation, cutting dipping, stem and leaf spraying, root irrigation for flower and tree transplantation:
Scope of application Usage method Dilution ratio Key points for use

Trees transplantation

Spray root

Adjust the concentration of pesticide according to the difficulty of rooting of tree species; focus on spraying cross-section ,measure by completely spraying the roots. After spraying, it can be transplant after drying.

Root irrigation

Adjust the concentration of pesticide according to the difficulty of rooting of tree species; after planted, Mix with water and watering evenly ,treat 2-3 times continuously at intervals of 10-15 days.
Spread 20-40 g evenly for every 10cm of tree height,according to this,the effect of watering after application is better.

Seedling cuttings
easy-to-root plants 80-100 Soak about 30-90 seconds
  difficult-to-root plants 40-80 Soak about 90-120 seconds

Flower Transplanting
Dip the roots 80-100 When transplanting, dip the roots for 2-3 seconds.
  Spray 1000-1500 twice dilute and spray on stems and leaves, spray 2-3 times continuously at intervals of 10-15 days.

Lawn planting
Spray 800-1000 twice dilute and spray on stems and leaves, spray 2-3 times continuously at intervals of 10-15 days.

Precautions when using cuttings:
1. The survival rate of plant cuttings is relate to the genetic characteristics of the plant variety, maturity of the cuttings, nutrient content, hormone content and season.
At the same time, cutting is also a complex cultivation technology. The survival rate of cuttings depends on the temperature, light, moisture, and diseases during the cultivation period.       When using this product for the first time, you should first understand the rooting characteristics of plants, choose the appropriate concentration of rooting solution, and conduct a trial on the plot.
the promotion and use can be expand only after the test is successful to avoid blindly use causing economic losses.

2.When using this product, the dilution concentration should be determine according to the rooting type of the tree.The concentration of the easy-to-root type is relatively low, and the concentration of the difficult-to-root type is relatively higher.

3.It is strictly forbidden to soak all the cuttings in the rooting solution.If necessary for production, plot testing must be arrange in advance.only under the right technical use conditions can be expand.

4.This product use timely after matching in a proper concentration ,and should not be mix with acidic substances.
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