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Is Brassinolide a fertilizer? Analyze the functions and uses of Brassinolide

Date: 2024-05-13 16:48:06
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1. How Brassinolide works
Brassinolide is a plant growth regulator that promotes plant growth and flowering and fruiting. Its principle of action is: Brassinolide can stimulate plant cell division and elongation, accelerate cell differentiation and tissue growth. At different stages of crop growth, brassinolide has different effects on promoting the growth and development of various plant organs. For example, during the growth period of stems and leaves, brassinolide can promote plant nutrient absorption and transport, increase leaf area and photosynthesis efficiency; during the flower bud differentiation period, brassinolide can stimulate flower bud differentiation and flower bud growth; during the fruit expansion period, brassinolide can increase fruit Size and quality etc.

2. How to use Brassinolidee and precautions
1.How to use Brassinolide
(1) Brassinolide foliar spray:
dilute brassinolide and spray it on the plant leaves. The water consumption per acre is generally 30-50 kilograms.

(2) Brassinolide soil application:
Mix brassinolide into water and pour it evenly into the soil. The dosage per acre is 25g-50g.

(3) Brassinolide planting substrate treatment:
Mix brassinolide into the planting soil before planting. The dosage is generally about 20g-30g, and water it thoroughly in advance.

2. Precautions when using brassinolide
(1) Brassinolide cannot be used excessively, otherwise it may affect the quality and yield of crops.
(2) For different crops, the amount and method of using brassinolide are different and need to be adjusted according to the actual situation.
(3) When using brassinolide, you need to pay attention to dietary hygiene and personal protection to avoid harm to the human body.
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