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The functions and usage of prohexadienate calcium

Date: 2024-05-16 14:49:13
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Prohexadione calcium is a highly active plant growth regulator that can be used to control the growth and development of many crops and is often used in agricultural production.

1. The role of Prohexadione calcium
1)Prohexadione calcium prevents lodging
Prohexadione calcium can shorten stem elongation, control crop node growth, make stems thicker, dwarf plants, and prevent lodging. For cereal crops such as rice, barley, wheat, Japanese carpet grass, and ryegrass, low doses of Prohexadione calcium can significantly resist lodging and dwarfing.

2)Prohexadione calcium promotes growth and increases production
Prohexadione calcium can promote the growth of plant roots, improve root vitality, increase the dark green color of leaves, promote the growth of lateral buds and root hair, and improve the stress resistance and yield of plants. The use of prohexadione calcium on cotton, sugar beet, cucumber, chrysanthemum, cabbage, carnation, soybean, citrus, apple and other crops can significantly inhibit the growth activity.

3)Prohexadione calcium improves disease resistance
Prohexadione calcium can enhance the disease resistance of plants and reduce the damage of diseases to crops. It has certain effects in the prevention and control of diseases such as rice blast and wheat scab.

2. Usage of Prohexadione calcium

1) Wheat
During the jointing stage of wheat, use 5% Prohexadione calcium effervescent granules 50-75 g/mu, mixed with 30 kg of water and spray evenly, which can effectively elongate the 1-3 nodes of the planting base, control the plant height of wheat, and reduce the plant height of wheat. About 10-21%, improves the lodging resistance and cold resistance of wheat, and increases the thousand-kernel weight of wheat.

At the end of tillering stage of rice or 7-10 days before jointing, use 20-30 grams of 5% Prohexadione calcium effervescent granules per acre, mixed with 30 kilograms of water and spray evenly. This can effectively prevent the plants from growing too long, reduce the height of the plants, and keep the rice canopy neat , resistant to lodging, good ripeness, higher panicle rate, seed setting rate, and thousand-grain weight.

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