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What chemicals and fertilizers can be mixed with Compound Sodium Nitrophenolates (Atonik)?

Date: 2024-04-26 17:09:37
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First, Compound Sodium Nitrophenolates (Atonik)+Naphthalene acetic acid(NAA). 
This combination has fast rooting effect, strong nutrient absorption, and is also resistant to disease and lodging.

Second, Compound Sodium Nitrophenolates (Atonik)+carbamide.
It can be used as both a base fertilizer and a foliar spray to quickly replenish crop nutrients and improve the utilization of carbamide.

Third, Compound Sodium Nitrophenolates (Atonik)+Ethylicin.
It improves efficacy, delays drug resistance, and is particularly effective in preventing and treating Fusarium wilt and Verticillium wilt in cotton.

Fourth, Compound Sodium Nitrophenolates (Atonik)+Seed coating agent.
Promote seed cell division, shorten the dormancy period of seeds, and promote rooting and germination. The effect is very good even in low-temperature environments.

Fifth, Compound Sodium Nitrophenolates (Atonik)+Paclobutrazol (Paclo).
It inhibits the synthesis of GA3 and increases the release of ethylene, which is very effective in controlling the growth of fruit trees and enlarging the fruits.

Sixth, Compound Sodium Nitrophenolates (Atonik)+DA-6 (Diethyl aminoethyl hexanoate). 
The golden formula for antidote to drug damage. After spraying, the leaves will clear up in three days and return to normal in seven days.

Seventh,Compound Sodium Nitrophenolates (Atonik)+pesticide.
Compound Sodium Nitrophenolates (Atonik) can be mixed with a variety of pesticides to make up for the lack of systemic properties and improve the efficacy.

Eighth, Compound Sodium Nitrophenolates (Atonik)+Gibberellic Acid GA3.
Both are fast-acting regulators. When mixed, the two increase crop growth, control the growth balance, effectively improve crop quality, and significantly increase yield.
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