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Functions of Zeatin

Date: 2024-04-29 13:58:26
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Zeatin is a natural plant cytokinin (CKs) found in plants. It was first discovered and isolated from young corn cobs.   Later, the substance and its derivatives were also found in coconut juice. As a plant growth regulator, Zeatin can be absorbed by the stems, leaves and fruits of plants, and its activity is higher than that of kinetin. By spraying this preparation, the plant can be dwarfed, the stems can be thickened, the root system can be developed, the leaf angle can be reduced, the green leaf functional period can be extended, and the photosynthetic efficiency can be high, thereby achieving the purpose of increasing yield.

Zeatin not only promotes the growth of lateral buds, stimulates cell chemicalbook differentiation (lateral dominance), and promotes callus and seed germination. It can also prevent leaf aging, reverse the toxin damage to the buds and inhibit excessive root formation. High concentrations of Zeatin can also produce adventitious bud differentiation. It can promote plant cell division, prevent chlorophyll and protein degradation, slow down respiration, maintain cell vitality, and delay plant aging.
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