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What is the function of rooting powder? How to use rooting powder?

Date: 2023-09-15 15:56:53
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What is the function of rooting powder? How to use rooting powder?

Rooting powder is a plant growth regulator that promotes plant root growth. 
Its main function is to promote plant rooting, accelerate the growth rate of plant roots, and improve the plant's stress resistance. At the same time, rooting powder is also helpful in activating the soil, maintaining soil moisture, and promoting nutrient absorption.

Rooting powder is mainly use to promote plant rooting. Its functions include:

Cutting rooting: Suitable for cuttings of various flowers, it can be dilute to a ratio of 1:500 to soak the branches to promote rapid wound healing and root growth.  

Soaking seeds: Soaking seeds with rooting powder before sowing can improve the germination rate and growth potential of the seeds.

Strengthen roots and seedlings: It is suitable for plants after potting or when the root system has poor growth.   Water the plants after diluting it 500 times to help the root system grow and improve the plant's growth ability.
Hydroponic plants: can be used as a nutrient solution, containing trace elements and medium elements, which can not only nourish and strengthen roots, but also supplement nutrients and prevent yellow leaves from drying out.

Methods of using rooting powder include:
Rooting powder Quick dipping method: dilute the rooting powder about a thousand times, dip the branches into the solution and then make cuttings.   It is suitable for cutting young branches, etc. 

Rooting powder Soaking method: Soak the branches in the rooting powder solution for one to two hours, and then take the cuttings.

Rooting powder Watering method: Pour the rooting powder into water, stir evenly and then water the tree holes or flowers. It is suitable for transplanting large trees or watering flowers in large areas.  

Rooting powder Spreading method: When planting trees, evenly spread rooting powder when backfilling soil to 2/3 of the tree hole, and then water thoroughly.

Rooting powder Flush application method: When watering the nursery, flush the rooting powder dilution with the water.  It is suitable for situations where the density of seedlings is high and the operation is inconvenient.

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