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20 kg GA3 GIBBERELLIC ACID shipped to customers in Vietnam

Date: 2023-11-16
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GA3 GIBBERELLIC ACID can increase the yield of cotton, grape and vegetable significantly.  GA3 GIBBERELLIC ACID promotes seed germination, plant growth and early flowering.  GA3 GIBBERELLIC ACID can be applied, seed mixing, root dipping, spray, etc.  When GA3 GIBBERELLIC ACID powder is used, it can be dissolved in a small amount of alcohol or liquor.

The most obvious effect of GA3 GIBBERELLIC ACID is to stimulate plant cell elongation, making plants grow taller and leaves increase.  GA3 GIBBERELLIC ACID could break seed dormancy and promote germination.  Affect flowering time, reduce the fall off of flowers and fruits, improve the setting rate or form no good fruit, stimulate fruit growth.  GA3 GIBBERELLIC ACID enters the plant mainly through leaves, shoots, flowers, seeds or fruits, and then conducts to active growth parts.

7 to 10 days after flowering, rose fragrant grapes were sprayed with 200 to 500 mg/kg of liquid once to promote the formation of stone free fruit.  The inflorescence of high-tail varieties dipped in the flowering stage and treated with 50 mg/l gibberellin solution could increase the size of the seeds more than 1 times, the fruits were seedless, good quality,  neat, compact and beautiful.

GA3 GIBBERELLIC ACID is widely used in grape production, which can increase the size of grape fruit and induce drupeless fruit to mature earlier.  Raw seedless grapes in the United States are almost entirely treated with GA3 GIBBERELLIC ACID.
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