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Date: 2023-06-28
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Brassinolide, a new type of plant endogenous hormone, is recognized as an efficient, broad-spectrum, non-toxic plant growth regulator with strong penetration and fast absorption.   At very low concentrations, it can significantly increase the growth of plant nutrients and promote fertilization.   It can effectively increase chlorophyll content, improve photosynthesis efficiency, promote root and seedling, flower and fruit preservation;   Improve the cold resistance, drought resistance, saline-alkali resistance of crops, reduce the occurrence of diseases significantly;   And can significantly alleviate the occurrence of drug damage, so that crops quickly resume growth, and can eliminate disease spots.

Brassinolide fuctions and features
1, brassinolide natural safety: non-toxic, side effects.
2, brassinolide whole process: used in all stages of plant growth.   It showed different improvement effects.
3, brassinolide strong type: the highest physiological activity, 10-5-10-6 begins to work, the night industry production commonly used concentration of 0.01-0.1ppm.
4, brassinolide importance: mainly promote the growth of nutrients and insemination (A to promote the growth of pollen tubes;   B promotes the development of fertilized ovaries into seeds or fruits;   C Correct the distortion of the flower apparatus, change the ratio of female and male flowers).   Because its chemical structure is similar to dry animal sex hormones, it is called "Viagra" in the plant world.
5, brassinolide pleiotropy: with auxin, gibberellin, cytokinin, abscisic acid and other functions.   Such as auxin, gibberellin to promote growth, cytokinin to promote cell division, with gibberellin to promote flower and fruit preservation effect.   Resistance and stress resistance of abscisic acid.
6,brassinolide detoxification: alleviating herbicides such as Cetrin, butachlor, methanulon, amphenesulon, glyphosate.   24-D and other drug damage.   The mechanism of detoxification is that BR can promote crop metabolism and increase chlorophyll content.   Enhance the water absorption of roots, so that crops can recover faster growth, generally BR1.5 grams plus 20 grams of urea and 15 kilograms of water leaf spray.
7, brassinolide disease resistance: such as rice blast, sheath blight, cucumber downy mildew, gray mold, tomato blight, wheat bacterial wilt, cabbage, radish soft rot, sweet pepper seed soaking, seedling resistance to quenching disease, adult plant resistance to anthrax enhancement, prevent watermelon anthrax occurrence.
8, brassinolide applicability: can be mixed with medium or acidic fertilizers, sterilization, pesticides.   Can play a synergistic effect, - generally increase efficiency 10-40%.

Brassinolide application effect
brassinolide showed different effects in different stages of plant growth.
1,brassinolide  soaking treatment: can improve seed vitality.   Promote seed germination and increase germination potential.   The germination rate reached seedling qi and seedling zhuang.   Developed root system enhances seedling resistance, cold resistance and drought resistance.
2, brassinolide seedling use: can promote the growth of branches and leaves and roots, increase chlorophyll content, enhance the ability of light table, branch strong leaves, promote flower bud differentiation, increase the number of flowers, improve fertilizer and water utilization, enhance the ability to resist anthrax, disease, virus disease.
3, brassinolide bud stage application: promote flower bud differentiation.   More flowers, strong flowers, flowers and fruit preservation, increase fruit setting rate.
4, brassinolide young fruit stage application: improve the level of young fruit hormones, enhance the competitiveness of nutrients, promote cell division, reduce physiological fruit fall.
5, brassinolide fruit expansion stage: improve the level of fruit hormones, promote the rapid expansion of fruit, increase single fruit weight, increase fruit color.   Improve the first and second fruit rate to prevent the occurrence of cracked fruit and rotten fruit.
6,brassinolide fruit maturity: enhance the respiratory intensity of the fruit, promote early maturation, early market, improve quality, increase the content of protein, amino acids and vitamins;   Enhance merchantability, reduce malformed fruit, enhance commodity competitiveness, round and smooth, bright color.   Prolong storage time.
7.   brassinolide After fruit picking: enhance leaf light and intensity, delay leaf aging, promote nutrient conversion and accumulation, enhance the frost resistance and cold resistance of the tree, provide sufficient nutrients for flower bud differentiation, flowering and fruit in the next year, and meet the needs of high quality and yield.

The specific application of brassinolide on crops
1, brassinolide in rice application: In order to promote roots and tillering, cultivate strong seedlings, can use 0.1% soluble powder 100000 times the solution (0.01 mg/l) before sowing seeds for 21 hours, or spray this concentration of liquid 50 kg in the seedling stage. To promote flowering and grain filling, increase panicle weight and 1000-grain weight. It can be in the end of tillering, young panicle formation stage to flowering stage. Can spray 0.01 ~ 0.05 mg/l concentration of liquid medicine 50 kg. For example, mu with 0.04% water agent 1.25 ~ 6.25 grams, with 50 kilograms of water: or 0.2% soluble powder 0.25 ~ 1.25 grams. Add 50 kg of water. After application, the resistance of rice seedlings to herbicides such as ceachlor and ceachlor can be increased, and the incidence of sheath blight can be reduced

2. brassinolide in Wheat application: In order to promote germination, strengthen seedlings and improve tillering ability, seeds can be sown 12 hours after dipping 0.01% cream 10,000 times. In wheat from gestation to flowering stage, 10 ~ 20 grams of 0.01% cream is used in mu, 50 kg of water is added, and the stems and leaves are sprayed, which can increase the chlorophyll content of leaves and improve the setting rate, ear weight and thousand grain weight, thereby increasing the yield.

3, brassinolide in corn application: before sowing with 0.04% water 40,000 times liquid soaking seeds for 24 hours, fishing out and drying after sowing, can speed up seed germination, increase root length, improve the fresh weight of a single plant, before the extraction, with 0.04 water 1.25 ~ 2.5 ml or 0.01 cream 10 ~ 20 ml, 50 kg of water, spray the whole plant, can enhance photosynthesis. Reduce panicle baldness and increase panicle number.

4, brassinolide in oil crops on the application: in order to cultivate soybean seedlings, can be than before sowing with 0.04% water agent 40,000 times liquid soaking seed 6 to 12 hours, out of the cool place, to be sown when the soybean seed wrinkled skin, can promote seedling growth, increase plant height and root weight. During the flowering period of soybean, spraying the stems and leaves with 0.15% creamer creamer 10000 times liquid can enhance the ability to resist falling and reduce the negative pod yield. . In the bud stage and flowering stage, each spray once, with 0.01% cream 5000 times liquid 50 kg per mu, can increase the plant stem diameter, the number of main shaft branches, the number of pods, the number of seeds per pod and thousand grain weight, thereby increasing the yield by more than 10%. In order to increase the cold resistance of spring seedlings in south China, the seeds were soaked with 0.01% emulsified oil 1000-10000 times for 24 hours before sowing. It is reported that spraying 0.15% cream 7,500 to 10,000 times liquid or 0.0002% soluble powder 400 times liquid under the peanut can increase production by more than 10%.

5, brassinolide in vegetable application: In the seedling period and growth period of leafy vegetables spray 2 ~ 3 hair, per mu times with 0.04% water agent 20000 ~ 40000 times liquid 50 kg, can promote production. Increase production. Spray 0.1 mg/l of liquid medicine on the leaf surface of tomatoes from flowering to fruit enlargement. . (0.01% cream 1000 times liquid or 0.04% water 4000 times liquid) can significantly increase fruit weight. And enhance the ability of plant resistance to low temperature, reduce the harm of disease. At the seedling stage of cucumber, 0.01 mg/l concentration of liquid medicine (equivalent to 0.01% creme oil 10,000 times liquid omosium stem leaves. It can improve the ability of seedlings to resist low temperature of 7 ~ 10℃ at night.

6. brassinolide in Sugarcane application: Spraying 0.01 ~ 0.04 mg/l concentration liquid (equivalent to 0.04% water agent 10,000-40,000 times liquid) on the leaf surface at the tiller pumping stage can increase production and sugar.

7, brassinolide in fruit tree application: Navel orange in the flowering period and the first physiological drop after each spray 0.01~0.1 mg/l concentration of liquid medicine can significantly increase the fruit setting rate, there is a definite sweetening effect. The watermelon was sprayed with 0.01% cream solution 3 times during flowering, each time at an interval of 5 days. Can significantly increase the rate of sitting melon, single melon weight.
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