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Compound Sodium Nitrophenolate shipping to customer

Date: 2023-06-19
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Compound Sodium Nitrophenolate is a powerful cell activator, which can quickly penetrate into plants after contact with plants, promote the protoplasm flow of cells and improve cell vitality.

Compound Sodium Nitrophenolate is the only synthetic plant growth regulator approved by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency in 1997.  Compound Sodium Nitrophenolate and its preparations are designated by the International Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO) as recommended plant growth regulators for green food engineering.  Compound Sodium Nitrophenolate has the effects of promoting blood circulation and beauty salon on human body, without any side effects on human body and animals, and there is no residual problem.

Compound Sodium Nitrophenolate can be widely used in food crops, vegetable crops, melons and fruits, tea trees, cotton, oil crops, animal husbandry, fishery and other vital plants and animals.

Compound Sodium Nitrophenolate can be used throughout the life of the plant.  It can be used for seed soaking, seed mixing, seedling bed perfusion, leaf spraying, root dipping, stem coating, artificial flowering, fruit spraying and other treatments, from sowing to harvesting can be used, and the use effect is very significant.

Tests have proved that Compound Sodium Nitrophenolate has a magical effect.  All fertilizers, pesticides, herbicides and feeds only need to be added a little, which can not only improve the fertilizer efficiency, drug efficacy and herbicidal effect, but also remove the antagonistic effect and have a high safety factor for crops.
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