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Green king and Pineapple king shipping to vietnam customers

Date: 2024-01-09
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Pineapple king through the advantage of restraining top, making pineapple plant and root tillers size and fruit weight increase, improving pineapple production and sugar-acid ratio, also make taste better, At the same time, enhancing pineapple cold resistance ability, Reduce pesticides caused by low temperatures and chilling damage. Improve the natural budding rate and make the maturity period consistent, thereby achieving orchard management and fruit harvesting. The smaller leaf crown size of pineapples also reduces injuries during packaging and shipping operations while reducing shipping costs. Fruit size increases also improve the production of high-quality slices and dice of fresh fruit on the market.

(1) Single usage amount
Pineapple king dosage Water consumption
 Dosage/acre L/acre
0.7-0.8 950-1000
1.4-1.6 950-1000
2.1-2.4 950-1000

(2)Application in different periods
Pineapple king dosage Water consumption Application period
L/acre L/acre Flower/fruit stage
0.7-0.8 950 In bloom
0.7-0.8 950 After flowering 10-14 days
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