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1500kg SODIUM M-NITROBENZENE SULFONATE shipping to customers in Pakistan

Date: 2023-12-05
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SODIUM M-NITROBENZENE SULFONATE can maintain the brightness and clarity of the dye, promote the solubility of the dye, and improve the fixing degree of the dye.

1, SODIUM M-NITROBENZENE SULFONATE to maintain the brightness and clarity of dyeing: when dyeing the fabric, the dye is often affected by high temperature, high humidity and other environmental factors, resulting in the loss of the original color or the color becomes darker.  SODIUM M-NITROBENZENE SULFONATE can stabilize the color and color of the dye, making the dyeing effect more bright and clear.

2, SODIUM M-NITROBENZENE SULFONATE to promote the solubility of the dye: the dye needs to be dissolved before use, and some dyes are difficult to completely dissolve due to their poor water solubility.  SODIUM M-NITROBENZENE SULFONATE can increase the water solubility of the dye and promote the uniform adsorption of the dye.

3, SODIUM M-NITROBENZENE SULFONATE to improve the fixed degree of dyeing: SODIUM M-NITROBENZENE SULFONATE can enhance the adsorption and adhesion of dyes and fibers, which helps the dyeing agent to better combine with the fabric, thereby improving the fixed degree of dyeing.
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