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100kg Root king shipping to customers in Vietnam

Date: 2023-11-26
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The role of Root King
When cutting leaves or branches, Root King can be applied to the petiole and the cut at the bottom of the branches, which can promote rooting and avoid wound decay.
When the plants first change POTS, you want the plants to adapt to the new pot more quickly.  We can also pour some Root King solution in the pot soil, which can make the plants sprout new roots faster and better adapt to the new environment.

Root King use method Soak method
The soaking of Root King is to dilute Root King with a large amount of water and turn it into a liquid with a relatively low capacity.  Some cuttings, or damaged plants with pruned roots, are then placed in rooting water.
Then soak for about 2 hours can be fished out, soaking time is best not more than 12 hours.  This method is suitable for flowers and cuttings that are not very badly damaged.

Root King quick dip
As the name suggests, the quick dip method is used for those who are more vigorous, and the number is relatively large flower seedlings and cutting plants.
To use Root King, simply mix and dilute the Root King with water, then dip the roots of the plant in the solution, then remove and plant.  This method can save costs and let the root water be reused!

Root King Spray spell
The spraying method is to add Root King water to the watering can and spray the desired plants.  Because of the wide area of radiation, this method is usually used on a large number of small seedlings to promote their rooting.  Or some plants with slow rooting speed need to be sprayed with rooting water several times to promote rooting.

Root King method
The root rule is much simpler than the spray method.  This method mainly works on plants that are larger in size.  Like large green plants that are just beginning to be planted in the soil.  Soaking is troublesome, spraying is not effective, then it can only be used to irrigate the root.
However, because of soil leakage and barrier reasons, it may be necessary to irrigation root several times, often to achieve satisfactory rooting effect.

Root King smear method
The simple operation of the smear rule is compared, and the Root King is not diluted with water, and the concentration is relatively high.
Such as cutting rose and bougainvillea, some of the more obvious lignification of flower plants.  Then, it is necessary to apply Root King on the lower cut of the cuttings, so as to stimulate the rooting of the cuttings more effectively.
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