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2000kg of DA-6 shipping to customers in Vietnam

Date: 2024-02-20
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Recommend optimal dosage of DA-6 (diethyl aminoethyl hexanoat)

1.When DA-6 (diethyl aminoethyl hexanoat) is use alone, the foliar spray concentration is 20-50ppm, and the flushing application is 15-30g/acre.

2.DA-6 (diethyl aminoethyl hexanoat) compound with fungicide and insecticide: 0.3-0.4g/acre

3. DA-6 (diethyl aminoethyl hexanoat) foliar spraying: concentration 10~15ppm, calculate the amount of DA-6 in the foliar fertilizer according to the spraying area;

4. DA-6 (diethyl aminoethyl hexanoat) flushing and basal fertilization: 10~20g per acre, and the dosage of flushing fertilizer is 2~4kg/ton;

5. Compound fertilizer, organic fertilizer, etc., add 500g of DA-6 (diethyl aminoethyl hexanoat) per ton in fertilizer, and the production increase effect will be obvious.

DA-6 (diethyl aminoethyl hexanoat) is a plant growth promoter, so it is safe to use DA-6 (diethyl aminoethyl hexanoat) within a certain range.  

During production, the dosage of DA-6 (diethyl aminoethyl hexanoat) should be controll according to the actual situation.  Especially for sensitive crops such as peach trees, the minimum recommended dosage should be use, or small-scale experiments should be conduct first and then promoted in large areas.
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