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Chlormequat chloride(CCC)shipping to Customers

Date: 2024-02-20
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Chlormequat chloride(CCC)Applied technology to Cotton/Peanut/Soybean

Soak the seeds with 0.3%~0.5 liquid medicine for 4~6 hours, remove them, and then treat them according to conventional methods before sowing; or spray the whole plant with 20 mg/L liquid medicine at the seedling stage, which can promote the cultivation of strong seedlings and improve the stress resistance of seedlings .

At the 3-leaf stage of peanuts, foliar spraying with 75~300 mg/L (the optimal dosage of 150 mg/L) can increase the content of endogenous abscisic acid in seedlings and improve the protective enzymes (super Oxide dismutase) activity, improve leaf water content, improve drought resistance.

Soak the seeds with 500~750 mg/L liquid medicine for 6 hours. The liquid medicine is suitable for submerging the seeds, which can promote the growth of plant roots, improve the water absorption capacity of roots, increase the accumulation of proline in the body, and enhance the resistance of plants to drought, cold, and salinity. and disease resistance.
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