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Ethephon 40% SL shipping to customer

Date: 2023-08-26
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Ethephon 40% SL  is used as a growth stimulant for agricultural plants. Ethephon is a high quality and efficient plant growth regulator, which has the effects of promoting fruit ripening, stimulating bleeding and regulating sex transition.

Evinylide, like Ethephon 40% SL , mainly enhances the ability of ribonucleic acid synthesis in cells and promotes protein synthesis.  In plant exfoliated areas such as petioles, fruit stems, and petal bases, the increase in protein synthesis promotes the re-synthesis of decellulase in the exfoliated layer, which accelerates the formation of the exfoliated layer and leads to organ shedding.  Ethephon 40% SL  can enhance the activity of enzymes, and also activate phosphatase and other enzymes related to fruit ripening during fruit ripening to promote fruit ripening.  In senescent or diseased plants, changes in peroxidase are caused by the promotion of protein synthesis by ethephon.  Ethephon 40% SL  can inhibit endogenous auxin synthesis and slow plant growth.

Ethephon 40% SL  is a plant growth regulator, with plant hormones to promote emulsion secretion, accelerate ripening, shedding, aging and promote flowering physiological effects.  Under certain conditions,Ethephon 40% SL can not only release Ethephon itself, but also induce Ethephon production in plants.

Ethephon 40% SL can promote fruit ripening
Ginger seed soaking with Ethephon 40% SL before sowing has obvious effect on promoting ginger germination, which is manifested in fast germination speed and high emergence rate, and the number of germination on each ginger seed increases from 1 bud to 2-3 buds on each seed block.  When using Ethephon 40% SL seed soaking, the concentration of use should be strictly mastered, and the concentration of 250-500 mg/kg is the appropriate concentration, which has the effect of promoting germination, increasing branching and improving root and stem yield.  If the concentration is too high, up to 750 mg/kg, it has a significant inhibitory effect on the growth of ginger seedlings, showing small plants, thin stems, small leaves, small roots, and lead to yield reduction.

Ethephon 40% SL Promote plant dwarfing
Ethephon 40% SL control seedling growth, and tomato plants were stunted, stress resistance was enhanced, and early yield was increased.
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