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Root king shipping to customer

Date: 2023-09-20
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Root king is an auxin compound belonging to the class of plant growth regulators and promoters.  It has many components such as indoleacetic acid, indolebutyric acid, naphthalene acetic acid, rhizophorin and sodium nitrophenolate in vegetable production and application.  Its function is to maintain the apical advantage of plants in plants, induce the transport of assimilation products to products (fruits), and promote plant rooting.

Mainly suitable for melons, fruits, vegetables, cotton, seedlings, flowers, herbs and other cash crops seedling, seedling, seedling transfer, planting stage use, the effect is peculiar, cost-effective.  Root king and micro fertilizer, fertilizer is different, the two can not replace each other, but complement each other.  After the Root king is absorbed by the crop, pay attention to timely supplement the nutrients needed by the crop to prevent fattening.

Root king products are suitable for the early stage of fruit bearing and the early stage of crop growth, and the effective combination of biological bacteria and Root king can play a "dual effect" role.
The derivatives of biological bacteria in the growth and reproduction process can optimize the growth environment of roots and slowly stimulate Root growth, and Root king substance stimulates root growth.  The combination of the two can also improve the nutrient absorption capacity of plant roots, which is in line with the growth characteristics of vegetable crops in the early growth stage.  At the same time, it also meets the nutrient needs of crops in the conversion process of vegetative growth and reproductive growth.
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