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Plant growth regulator industry research

Date: 2024-05-23
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The application of plant growth regulator has the advantages of low cost, quick results, high efficiency and labor saving. It not only has a regulating effect on crops, but more importantly, it has better production increase and quality improvement effects, which other pesticides do not have.  its use has become one of the important measures in modern agriculture.

While the world pesticide market is hovering, plant growth regulator has been growing steadily. my country's plant growth regulator industry has also developed rapidly, and has formed an industrial chain from raw material supply, research, production, sales to promotion and application. Whether viewed from our country or globally, this industry has broad development prospects and room for development.

Plant growth regulators can play a vital role in increasing crop yields and improving quality, but at the same time, the current technical issues in agricultural production cannot be underestimated. For example, using a plant growth regulator to chemically top cotton can greatly save labor, but it may also have some negative effects on the growth and development of the crop, making the upper fruit branches of the cotton field unable to extend well. Therefore, it is necessary to develop new plant conditioners, which can not only save costs and labor, but also minimize the induction of bad crops.

The current domestic market size is nearly 9 billion yuan, and according to estimates, it is growing at an annual growth rate of approximately 10%-15%. Relevant data shows that the domestic plant growth regulator market size is approximately RMB 60 billion. It is still in the introduction period, and the industry has good development prospects.

At present, plant growth regulator has formed an industrial chain from raw material supply, research, production, sales to promotion and application. However, compared with other subdivided industries of pesticides, there are relatively few production companies in the plant growth regulator industry. Only domestically registered plants Compared with other traditional pesticides, growth regulator preparation registration products also account for a smaller proportion. In view of the food security, quality safety and quality safety issues caused by abiotic stresses such as global low temperature, drought and high temperature on agricultural production, brassinolide, as a safe and efficient plant growth regulator, can significantly enhance crop stress resistance, increase crop yield and The role of improving the quality of agricultural products and its application value in agricultural production are becoming more and more significant.

As one of the five new technologies of future agriculture, plant growth regulator can effectively control plant growth through promotion and application, so that crops can grow, develop, bloom and bear fruit according to people's wishes, enhance the resistance of crops to adverse environments, and improve Increase the yield of crops, reduce labor intensity, and improve the quality of crops. On the other hand, from the analysis of pesticides’ physiological activity, dosage, profitability, safety, environmental compatibility, etc., plant growth regulator also has greater advantages than other pesticides.

By 2030, significant results will be achieved in transforming the agricultural development model. Products are high-quality and safe, agricultural resources are efficiently utilized, the ecological environment of the production areas is good, industrial development is organically integrated, agricultural quality and efficiency are significantly improved, and competitiveness is significantly enhanced.
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