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The plant growth regulator industry has high industry barriers

Date: 2024-05-20
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The plant growth regulator industry has high industry barriers.

First, there are barriers to entry formed by industry regulatory systems such as industry access licensing systems, product registration systems, pesticide production licensing systems, and pesticide production approval systems. The company is the company with the largest number of registered plant growth regulator technical drugs and preparations in China; 

The second is technical barriers to R&D technology and product application. The application technology of plant growth regulator affects the effect of regulation. The technical requirements for product application are high. Potential entrants cannot establish channels, accumulate application experience, and promote products in a short period of time, forming high technical barriers to new entrants. 

After years of development, Pinsoa has mastered relatively mature plant conditioning application technology and accumulated a relatively rich range of crop solutions. We can customize formulas according to customer needs. Currently, the pineapple king and root king developed by our company have achieved great results in the Southeast Asian market and the Mexican and Brazilian markets.
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