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Plant Growth Regulator Zeatin 99%TC Cytokinin PGR
Plant Growth Regulator Zeatin 99%TC Cytokinin PGR
Plant Growth Regulator Zeatin 99%TC Cytokinin PGR
Plant Growth Regulator Zeatin 99%TC Cytokinin PGR
Plant Growth Regulator Zeatin 99%TC Cytokinin PGR

Plant Growth Regulator Zeatin 99%TC Cytokinin PGR Agro Chemicals

Usage: zeatin has long been known to actively induce plant growth, it has also been reported to have several in vitro anti-aging effects on human skin fibroblasts.
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(1) Spraying 300 ~ 500 times of liquid medicine once at the flowering stage and the late stage of the first physiological fruit drop can improve the fruit setting rate of Wenzhou capsule orange, red orange, navel orange, blood orange and brocade orange. Spraying 600 times of marrow liquid during the fruit coloring period can make the fruit orange-red in appearance and increase the sugar content.
(2) Spraying watermelon stems and leaves with 600 times of liquid medicine at the beginning of flowering stage, once every 10 days, repeated times, can make watermelon vines strong in early stage, endure decline in middle and late stage, reduce wilt, anthracnose and other diseases, and increase sugar content and yield.

Cas No.13114-27-7
Package: 1g/bag or according to customer request.
Storage: dry and cool condition,-20℃

Mechanism and characteristics
Oxyenadenine is a natural cytokinin first found in plants, which belongs to one of the endogenous hormones in plants. It can promote cell division and stimulate the growth and development of active growth sites by combining with receptors in plants 
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Comparison of application characteristics between zeatin and other cytokinins
Contrast item 6-BA, Kinetin Forchlorfenuron, thiobenzuron Zeatin, alkene adenine
Source difference Synthetic, good stability Synthetic, good stability Endogenous plants can be fermented or synthesized
Structural difference Purine ring Phenyl urea Purine ring
Biological activity Mild Gao Higher
Applied dosage form Soluble powder Soluble, wettable powder Soluble, soluble powder, wettable powder
Dose difference Stem and leaf spraying
10 ~ 20 mg/L
Flower and fruit treatment
50 ~ 100 mg/L
Stem and leaf spraying
1 ~ 4 mg/L
Flower and fruit treatment
5 ~ 10 mg/L
Stem and leaf spraying
0.005 ~ 0.01 mg/L
Flower and fruit treatment
0.01 ~ 0.1 mg/L

Main Packing: 1kg aluminum foil bag, 25kg drum, 25kg plastic woven bag or kraft paper bag, 5kg carton, 20L white plastic drum, 200L blue plastic drum
Aluminum foil bag
Plastic woven bag
Plastic bucket
Blue plastic drum
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